Marketers Will Do Well By Embracing the New Normal: Diversity

Diversity is the new normal. But, we’re seeing diversity at work, home and play going well beyond race and ethnicity.

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Marketing strategies must adjust to today’s cultural paradigm shift or fail

A study that is out this month by multicultural agency LatinWorks and research firm EthniFacts notes that nearly 9 in 10 Latinos feel equally American and Latino. They don’t see themselves transitioning from one culture to the other; instead they have synthesized both.

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Multicultural Ads Still Not A Part Of The Super Bowl

Sure, there was a black goldfish serenading Beck’s new Sapphire beer, and a brown goat attacking his/her Dorito loving owner. But in general, of the 45 ads, only a few had lead characters who were something other than non-Hispanic White people (and not famous):

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Drop the marketing speak and use “communities” instead of “segments”! 

At a recent conference, Bill Toliver, Executive Director of the branding and communication firm Matale Line, showed a slide defining the terms “segment” and “community:”



  1. any of the parts into which something can be divided;
  2. a distinct subdivision of an organism or part;
  3. to divide or become divided.


  1. a unified body of individuals;
  2. an interacting population of various people with a common characteristic or interest together within a larger society;
  3. joint ownership or participation.

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So I’ve got a logo – Isn’t that my brand?

Not quite.

Actually, a brand isn’t a name, logo, tagline, product, ad or website. A brand, rather, is a set of beliefs, values and images about your organization and/or offering held by the community you build as well as the your various stakeholders.

In other words, brands are defined by the audiences experiences.

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